Monday, May 23, 2011

Featuring a Cute Little Cabinet by Boxers, Cleats, & Me

Check out this adorable little cabinet made over by Kerrie from Boxers, Cleats & Me.   This thing used to be a cart that held perm supplies at a beauty salon.

Wait, What?!

A custom made perm supply cart... Seriously?

This is way too nice and cute for that, at least it is now thanks to Kerrie's handywork.

Make sure to pay Kerrie at Boxers, Cleats & Me a visit to see the before pictures of this sweet little perm supply holder. :)

picture courtesy of Boxers, Cleats & Me
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  1. Very cute! You'd be surprised at all the terrific stuff (furniture, organizational containers, etc.) out there that's custom-sized for various industries. This is very nice!

  2. Thanks for featuring me Kate! Keep up the great blog. I'm looking forward to future posts!