Sunday, May 29, 2011

Featuring Memorial Day Dessert by Thrifty Decorating

Heading to a Memorial Day celebration and need to whip up a quick dessert?  This Black Forest Cake from Thrifty Decorating is sure to impress but easy to make! 

Check out Thrifty Decorating for the recipe. 

via Thrifty Decorating

Hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day weekend! 

xoxo, Kate

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Featuring Junkin' Junky, Frugal & Fabulous Teen Bedroom Makeover

I am loving the colors of the cute teen room makeover by Junkin' Junky!  The best part is that she did it on such a small budget! 

Check out Junkin' Junky to see more shots of the room and her thrifty budget breakdown.

Picture courtesy of Junkin' Junky
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Featuring: Bathroom Makeover by The Sunset Lane

I am just head over heels for this little bathroom makeover by The Sunset Lane.  It is 500% better!  Loving the stripes and, how fun is that sea horse art?!  Too cute!

Make sure you head over to The Sunset Lane to see the before picture, this bathroom has come a long way, baby!

picture courtesy of The Sunset Lane
This lovely makeover was linked up to my Flaunt it Friday party.  I will now be doing Flaunt it Friday features here on The Besties.  That way each feature blog featured will get it's very own post.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Featuring a Cute Little Cabinet by Boxers, Cleats, & Me

Check out this adorable little cabinet made over by Kerrie from Boxers, Cleats & Me.   This thing used to be a cart that held perm supplies at a beauty salon.

Wait, What?!

A custom made perm supply cart... Seriously?

This is way too nice and cute for that, at least it is now thanks to Kerrie's handywork.

Make sure to pay Kerrie at Boxers, Cleats & Me a visit to see the before pictures of this sweet little perm supply holder. :)

picture courtesy of Boxers, Cleats & Me
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Featuring Handy Man, Crafty Woman Stair Remodel

Hi friends!  I'm excited to share an awesome staircase remodel from Laurie at Handy Man, Crafty Woman. 

This turned out just fantastic... I want them to come and do my stairs where the carpet goes around the edges of the treads and looks super tacky.  Are Handy Man and Crafty Woman for hire? :)

Make sure you head to their site and check out the before pictures.

Picture courtesy Handy Man, Crafty Woman

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feature #1, Vintage Charm & Restoration

Holy Cow!!  (I heart Harry Carray) You guys are a bunch of talented bloggers!  A plethera of awesome posts has flooded my inbox!  You guys are awesome... keep it comin'! 

I had such a hard time choosing a project to feature today, I wanted it to be an awesome project for someone without many followers which I found... 

Introducing Allison from Vintage Charm & Restoration and her dresser makeover.  Make sure you check out the before pictures, this turned out just lovely.   

Please check out Allison's site, she is very talented!

Thanks for sharing Allison!! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Besties is Here!

Hi friends!  Welcome to The Besties!  Thank you SO much for stopping by.  I'm sure you are wondering... what the heck is The Besties?!

The Besties blog features "the best stuff" (not your bff) in the DIY, decorating, crafting, refinishing, cooking/baking, etc. blogosphere.

I am launching The Besties in the hopes of giving newer bloggers some big exposure by featuring them (and no one else!) in a post.

That is the best thing about The Besties, each post will only feature one person and their project only... kinda like being the star of the day back in gradeschool... it's all about you!

I remember when I started blogging a little over a year ago how exciting it was (and still is!) to watch your followers grow.  What a great feeling that people, complete strangers no less, like what I'm doing!

But, I also remember as a newbie thinking "how the in the world do I get people to read my blog?!"  I joined lots of link parties but even then, someone actually has to click on my link out of hundreds of others in the party, growth can be slow. 

I'm hoping The Besties will give the newer blogger a big shot of exposure when one of their best posts is featured here.

But no fear to you long-time bloggers, The Besties is an equal opportunity blog, old-timers will be featured too. Anyone who's got a really great post can be featured on The Besties.  :)

As The Besties grows I hope for it to become a daily read for everyone looking for some creative inspiration!

Thanks again for stopping in... I'd love for you to "Follow" The Besties and check it out on Facebook too... it's all in the sidebar.

Come back Saturday for our first feature... who's it gonna be?!?