About The Besties

The Besties blog features "the best stuff" (not your bff) in the DIY, decorating, crafting, refinishing, cooking/baking, etc. blogosphere.

I am launching The Besties in the hopes of giving newer bloggers some big exposure by featuring them (and no one else!) in a post.

That is the best thing about The Besties, each post will only feature one person and their project only... kinda like being the star of the day back in gradeschool... it's all about you!

I remember when I started blogging a little over a year ago how exciting it was (and still is!) to watch your followers grow.  What a great feeling that people, complete strangers no less, like what I'm doing!

But, I also remember as a newbie thinking "how the in the world do I get people to read my blog?!"  I joined lots of link parties but even then, someone actually has to click on my link out of hundreds of others in the party, growth can be slow. 

I'm hoping The Besties will give the newer blogger a big shot of exposure when one of their best posts is featured here.

But no fear to you long-time bloggers, The Besties is an equal opportunity blog, old-timers will be featured too. Anyone who's got a really great post can be featured on The Besties.  :)

As The Besties grows I hope for it to become a daily read for those looking for creative inspiration!